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Macey…2011 Millard West Senior | Omaha Senior Photographer

Macey is the coolest girl!  As I was compiling the images that I want to share I found myself thinking about all of the interesting things I noticed about Macey during our short time together.  She reminded me a lot of myself as a teenager.  I loved music too, still do, and grew up spending whatever money I had on albums, 45’s, 8 tracks and cassettes (yes I am that old.)  I listened to music for hours and hours on end.  I truly can not image not having music in my life and I’m sure Macey feels the same way.  The list of things that struck me as unique about Macey is long, but here are a few things that immediately grabbed my attention:  her love of music specifically old school bands, the Doors, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and Fleetwood Mac (one of my all time faves.)  The record player in the pictures below belongs to Macey…how cool is that?  Her collection of Chuck Taylor sneakers, her “reddish” hair, her love of reading and collecting books (we both have the classic Helter Skelter), her equally interesting mom who designs and sells her own jewelry Star Hitched Wagon, her sweet nature and her beautiful smile.   It was truly a pleasure getting to know you Macey!








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